Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Meet Kay, Office & Accounting Manager

DisplayStar, Complex & Multi-Faceted
Kay’s driving motivation is to come into work every day and balance the books. Of course, the fun is in the work to get the books to balance. DisplayStar is still growing—but with our customer service, design and production all under one roof we are already a complex, multi-faceted company.

Kay’s day consists of: opening mail, tracking expenses, paying vendors, purchasing equipment, handling insurance, ordering supplies and collecting past receivables. Along the way, every figure is entered into QuickBooks then checked and double-checked until every amount balances down to the penny. At last, the world is in order. There is peace in the universe.

Kay shares her passion for her Honda motorcycle with her granddaughters, Isabella, 5 & Emelia, 3.
The girls, with cowboy boots on, are eager to ride along.

Thanks to Kay, there is peace in the DisplayStar universe.
Taking Care of Us
However, as in math, there is always another equation to balance the first equation. Written in the margins of Kay’s job description, is the other side of her responsibilities which, spoken plainly, is taking care of us: An intelligent, artistic, colorful, mischief-making group. So she sets her course to keep the coffee brewing and makes sure we have water, pens, paper, paychecks, holiday and birthday treats: the "real" reasons we show up for work each day.

Kay has 40+ years of experience as a bookkeeper/accounting person. She joined DisplayStar five years ago and was the first to take a crack at honing the administrative side of the business which included setting up the office, organizing the books and creating filing systems.

Respectful, Courteous, Expedient
Kay, out having fun with her granddaughters,
Nevaeha, 10 & Isabella, 5.
For Kay to be great at her job, she practices treating others the way she would like to be treated with courteous and expedient service. “I love the people I work with and the customers and vendors. I enjoy interacting with them all.” Furthermore, “DisplayStar is unique because we really do live up to our mission statement: to provide quality products and personal customer service.”
Sometimes, if there is a difficult customer service issue, Kay is asked to step in to troubleshoot and provide creative solutions. “Coming in as a third party gives you the advantage of seeing the situation with fresh perspective for both parties. I ask for respect, but I am willing to go out of my way to amicably resolve an issue.”

In addition, Kay really appreciates the ample stability and resources that DisplayStar provides for her to do her job well. “Terry is a great boss who makes everything accessible.  I thought there was something really special about this place and I haven’t looked back since.”
One of Kay's favorite displays is the Igniter Light Box because 
the colors "pop."  The light box above brightens DisplayStar's reception area.

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