Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Meet Heather, Lead Graphic Artis

Creativity & Outstanding Customer Service
After four years studying Graphic Design in college, Heather has been working in the print industry as a Graphics Technician since 1999. In her five years at DisplayStar, she has quickly advanced to the position of Project Manager, not only because of her creativity, but most importantly, her ability to provide outstanding customer service. Heather’s driving motivation is the great satisfaction she receives in “solving problems and getting orders correct for clients. Learning constantly keeps this job interesting.”

Communication: Most Important Aspect
Heather’s top priority is to help customers identify how to best showcase their products and meet trade show objectives. It is not enough to just catch the show-goer’s attention; the display must engage and invite her to spend time in the booth. Heather explains,
Heather (on the left) gets creative inspiration
 at the Exhibitor Trade Show.
“We offer a variety of quality, state-of-the-art displays. They're made with the latest technology and materials resulting in superior durability, affordability and portability. In addition to having an in depth knowledge of our products, the first step is to really listen and understand the client’s needs.”

“Communication is the most important aspect. Once you have established a dialogue—everything else runs smoothly. I have learned the hard way to ask a lot of questions from the initial contact to the final delivery of the product. It is our responsibility to ensure that everything goes well.”

“Once we know what they want, we direct them to the proper template, resolution, coloring, etc. We strive to get proofs back to customers as quickly as possible. If there are problems with a file, I will do my best to make any adjustments. Once I get the proof back, I keep the client updated with on-going progress reports and help them find the most economical and fastest means to get it shipped.”

Job Satisfaction: Providing Design Solutions
Heather’s goal is to provide DisplayStar’s clients with the best possible design solutions and products suited to their needs. Heather adds,

“We understand the pressure our client’s face trying to make the right first impression. There really are no second chances. Recently, it was very satisfying to help a client we had been doing business with for many years. He had called to get pricing on new panels for his Curved Pop-Up booth. I mentioned a newer style fabric display because he was interested in learning about the many new products we had added to our website. In the end, the client decided on a 20 foot Hybrid Modular System that came out great.”

Successful Display for CRMLS
CRMLS provides access to the most comprehensive, low-cost database for real estate professionals throughout California. Eliminating the need to join multiple MLSs, CRMLS offers real estate professionals authority and high visibility in a continually evolving, highly-competitive industry.

20 Foot Timberline Wave Top - Custom Configuration with Monitor Display Hardware

The Timberline accommodates the large graphic used to illustrate the benefits of the CRMLS database 
as it connects various real estate agents throughout California.

DisplayStar's Owner Comments
“At just under 8 feet tall and 20 feet long, the Timberline’s commanding size alone makes it a great choice for maximum trade show visibility,” says Terry Neidermeyer, President of DisplayStar. “In addition, the large fabric panels provide enough space for the graphics, which are the key to illustrating the features and benefits of CRMLS’ database. It is not uncommon for displayers to overlook that the branding and graphics must explain the product. Also, the high resolution dye-sub printing is ideal for reproducing the graphic’s vibrant colors, detailed text and complex tones of photographic images.”

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